About me
An interaction and user interface designer. On the other hand, a brand and visual identity designer.
Hey! My name is Hugo Bermúdez and I am a designer from Spain currently based in Banyoles (I know, it's not a famous city but it's great). My work is focus mainly on interaction and user interface design, however I also design brand identities. With a background in graphic and digital design and more than ten years of experience I create functional and visual solutions that reflects the values of my clients. After working for several studios, and having founded my own multidisciplinary design studio, I currently work as a freelance designer. If you're interested in working together, don't hesitate to say hola!
Digital design

User experience (UX)

User interface (UI)

Interaction design (IxD)

Visual design

Graphic user interface (GUI)

Website design

App design (iOS + Android)

Graphic design

Creative direction

Art direction


Brand identity

This is how I work
Key points
You come with a project idea. We have a meeting and comment that idea in order to get some questions (probably a lot) that will guide us to comprehensive and detailed brief outlining the deliverables and scope of the project.

What and why?

I want to deeply know what we are going to create and establish a relationship understanding why the project is needed now and with which goal.
We share some design ideas and talk (better with a coffee) about the target market and its characteristics such as demographics and psychographics. Then comes some research and benchmarking to know deeper the business field strategies and the competitors.


Since we want the best possible user or customer experience we must know them down to the last detail. How and where they think and interact. Who they are.
After the content analysis it’s time to design. Solving the project needs with structure, hierarchy and a creative and usable interface centered on the user to achieve the project goals.

How and why?

A user-centered design will optimize the product around the user interaction behaviour.